devil Gallery

Hey guys                                                                                

these are some cool pics of the tassie devil I took.





Your turn

Its now your turn write a chapter in a comment in this post to do with the story Quest of worlds and if I like it it will be published so creative writers start writing. I am looking forward to reading your entrys.


In my story Erika has found her brother seth has asked if they will join?

It’s up to you the first comment saying yes or no and a reason will be his answer and change the chapter.

So send in that comment quick.

My Story

Hey Im going to write 2 storys called a quest of worlds which is in the past with magic and that. And Ghost slayers which is when a group slay monsters ghost’s ect. to find these storys click on pages and you will see there name on the sidebar. Also these storys a copyrighted by me so you will see the © sign.

new look

Hi Guys

Im changing a few things like avatar theme header image and a new user name stuff like that so if you leave a comment and I dont replyu dont worry thats what ill be doing.


Hi guys

Have you ever heard about the devil. No not that devil the tassie devil. The Devils are now endangerd and nearing extinction. All because of a toumer disease. The toumer kills them.People known as carers like my mum take of the devils that have survived. The devil has white stripes and is mostly black here is a pic I took. 



Hi guys

Some cool things about me are:

I like cars,Star wars (movies and books),Animals and most importantly I like blogging.

Blogging has got me in many conservations with many people all around the world. Another reason is because I have a freind called Nadine her and I work together blogging and on a wiki to help stop the killing of whales. Nadine is a really cool person and someone I would rely on to visit her blog go to My fave couler is black. My fave car is the Ferrari spider F430 I love the Red panda so that is what my fave animal is.

Ferrari F430 Spider

The sculpted good looks of an Italian supercar is one of the most buetiful things on our planet. However there’s always a way to make them look even better: peel back the roof let the sunshine in and let the driver hear the sounds of a rippling snarling v8 engine.

Ferrari has done the right thing with the new F430 Spider, one of the best looking convertibals ever to come from it’s mechanics shop in Maralano Italy. The spider is the roofless version of the nimble blindingly fast F430 coupe that was brand new in 2004. In many ways it’s identical to the hard top version. The new 4.3-liter V-8 for example makes an 490 horsepower in the spider. its specific power output is 114 horse power per liter making it one of the most efficently powerd engines made mby automaker today. Like the F430 coupe the performance of the spider is stunning the Spider will sprint to 97 kilometers in just 4 seconds and guns for a top speed of 311 k’s just shy of a whole range V-12 supercars from Ferrari and Lambroghini.

Better yet the F430 Spiders convertibal top makes it easy to reavel the gorgeouse Italian cockpit inside.

As with other Ferraris its difficult to get in line to purchase one. The Italian auto maker lets owners of pracing horse sportcars get in line first. But if you can snare a spot in one for cash or just a very hot ride youll never forget what its like to feel the wind in your hair at nearly 321.8k/ph.

2005 Ferrari F430 Spider
Base price: $180,000 US
Engine: 4.3-liter V-8, 490 hp
Transmission: Six spped manual rear wheel drive